Zombie Riders

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Destination Puri
Approx distance 993.4 Km (UP & DOWN)
Date of journey 21.08.2020 (3 Nights 4 Days)
Ride fees for male members 3000.00
Ride fees for female members 2600.00

NOTE: Please read above info and feel the below details with correct information.

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I do hereby declare that, all information furnished above is correct and genuine. I am well aware of the fact that if the information given by me is proved false/fake at any point of my journey and if I face any problem because of this reason, ZOMBIE RIDERS will not be responsible or carry any liability for me.

I am joining ZOMBIE RIDERS ride club with my own consent and I agree with club norms mentioned in the Zombie Riders official website. Furthermore I will never leave my group during tour and if I violate any club rule during tour – club may cancel my bookingship without any refund.

I also agree that ZOMBIE RIDERS is a club only organizes non-profitable bike tours and joyrides. It does not encourage or arrange any bike stunts, bike race or any kind of activities which may create issues about life risks. If I do the same during any ride with ZOMBIE RIDERS and face any physically harm even death - ZOMBIE RIDERS will not be responsible for that.

As a booking I acknowledge that I will pay all my personal expenses and will agree to accept all arrangements (i.e. stay, food etc.) organized by ZOMBIE RIDERS. It's a group tour and the club always tries to found best services in cheapest rates. So I pay all additional charges if I will not satisfy with the club arrangements and take extra services.

I am carrying all my documents during ride is genuine and real. I will keep all of my papers in my safe custody and ZOMBIE RIDERS will not responsible if I lost any of my papers during tour. My pillion is also in my responsibility.