Welcome dear members. Please go through the member terms & conditions before enlist your name as a member with us. Let’s have a look:
(a) Applicants must be at least 20 years old. And she/he has her/his own bike driving license along with all legal papers with own motor bike (at least 200 cc is good for long ride).
(b) This is mandatory to wear club jersey along with all essential safety gears (Knee and elbow guards, biking gloves, shoes and helmet) during any group ride.
(c) Members must obey instructions of group captain/flag holder during rides.
(d) Each member is responsible for their fuel, stay, toll taxes, meals and booze. However, club will pay for all short break snacks and one complementary dinner during tour duration.
(e) One meeting per month is mandatory for all members. This is mandatory for all members to participate in group meeting arranged by ZOMBIE RIDERS (ZR) before starting each ride. This group meeting is for route planning and other essential purposes which should not be missed by any member. You must attend the pre-ride briefing. It’s very important that you understand how the ride has been planned and what is expected of you. Club management has complete right to not allow to any rider to join the ride if he/she fails to attend the briefing.
(f) This is mandatory to carry all important documents (i.e. driving license, blue book, pollution clearance, bike insurance etc.) Club will unable to allow those members to participate in the ride for unavailability of said documents.
(g) You will not be permitted to join the ride group if you are intoxicated. Consumption of alcohol or any intoxicating substances are strictly not allowed in any ride with ZOMBIE RIDERS (ZR). Anyone found in possession of any intoxicants like alcohol/drugs/ganja/charas/weed or anything like that would be handed over to the nearest police station without warning.
(h) Failure to pay membership renewal charges within 10 days from the date of expiring of membership will cause permanent membership cancellation.
(i) Only motorcycle with minimum 180 cc will be allowed for rides. Scooty or mopeds or any other type of motorcycles below 180 cc will not be allowed. For hill ride minimum 200 cc bikes will be acceptable.
(j) Members who will unable to participate at least 04 yearly rides will be treated as inactive member and her/his membership will be cancelled without any refund.
(k) All members are strictly instructed to stay with the group during whole ride. Don’t drive roughly during ride.
(l) Final decision will be taken by the tour captain (Club Flag Holder) regarding journey routs, halts, stays etc. during tour.
(m) ZOMBIE RIDERS (ZR) management reserves the right to accept or reject any membership application or any membership renewal request.
(n) ZOMBIE RIDERS (ZR) membership can be cancelled in immediate affect due to bad conduct, theft, misbehave to other members etc.
(o) Members of ZOMBIE RIDERS (ZR) are not permitted to carry any non-members with separate motorbike during ride. N0n-members can join the trip by paying only ride fees decided by ZOMBIE RIDERS (ZR) management.
(p) ZOMBIE RIDERS (ZR) is a touring club; it doesn’t encourage any racing, stunts etc. The objective of ZOMBIE RIDERS (ZR) is to promote fun and safe riding.
(q) Nobody including club members are not permitted to use ZOMBIE RIDERS (ZR) official logo or any documents or assets without written permission of club authority.
(r) Please do not carry any illegal items (i.e. any arms or fire arms, illegal medicines, drugs, alcohols etc.) during any trip with ZOMBIE RIDERS (ZR).
(s) Journey date may be cancelled/postpone/modified because of political disturbance, strike, chakka jam, natural calamity or any unavoidable reasons etc.
(t) All riders must carry their own identification cards issued by any proper authority. Don’t be aggressive or over smart on the road during ride.
The things you might need on a trip like this is unlimited. It’s impossible to mention all detail things you should carry. But here are some most important things you must carry during rides:
** Water bottle with water
** Tools
** Torch
** Pocket knife, gas lighter (Not applicable for international rides)
** Basic first aid kits along with essential medicines (As per your health condition)
** Tent.
** Piece of bunji ropes.
** Separate bike keys.
** Mosquito creams.
** Camera, memory cards, Go-pro, Mobile and camera chargers etc.
** Multi continental charging adopter.
** Towel, shaving equipments, soap, lotions etc.
** Few couple of your t-shirts, jeans, shoes etc.